Calibre Consulting Group is a Registered Investment Advisory entity. Its mission is to sustainably benefit its institutional and individual investor clients worldwide with proprietary insight into the investment landscape. The group simultaneously endeavors to exhibit the highest levels of transparency and accountability to its client base.

Calibre Consulting Group is based on a set of proprietary tools and observations. Since the founding of the firm, these tools and observations, which include a heavy emphasis on demographic data trends, resulted in the unequivocal prediction of the mid 2007-early 2009 downturn.

In keeping with its defined outlook, Calibre Consulting Group implemented highly researched defensive alternative investment solutions alongside (largely hedged) growth-oriented investments through the 2002-2007 period for its client base. A majority of the advised dollars in equity and growth oriented investments were liquidated in Q3 2007, with the vast majority of the remaining growth oriented exposure liquidated prior to September 2008. Reintroduction of significant equity positions in portfolios began in March 2009 and continued throughout that year. The result has been superior client account performance during one of the worst investing climates in 80 years.

Participation in alternative investments that are designed to be highly defensive, a hallmark of the firm, is expected to continue indefinitely.

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Principal Ryan R. Riley created Calibre Consulting Group in 2001 after a successful string of years as an investment advisor with Smith Barney and UBS PaineWebber; he ranked in the top 20% of advisors of his tenure at UBS PaineWebber during the three years prior to his departure from that firm. He has handled over $1 billion of securities transactions worldwide since 1995.

Mr. Riley is sought out for his performance, customized, high-service approach and his highly informed, no-nonsense style of communication.

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